Corfu - Small Islands

Corfu is surrounded by small islands, some close to the coastline while others more remote which are also the borders of the country. Apart from the Diapontia Islands, in the north-western part of the island which are inhabited, in the sea there are numerous verdant islands and small islets, ideal places for exploration by boat for fishing or swimming.

The most famous of the small islands of Corfu is obviously Pontikonisi  in Kanoni. A verdant islet located in front of the airport  which welcomes visitors who come to the island by plane. In the outskirts of the city, there are also two significant small islands with lush vegetation and a long history, Vido, right on the entrance of the port and Lazaretto  in front of the bay in Kontokali. You can visit Vido during summer by boat which has a restaurant, beaches and beautiful paths into nature. Unlike, Lazaretto, a place of torture and executions during the Civil war, is open only for memorials and events of reconciliation.

The most important of the rest of the small islands of Corfu are Gravia and Diapolo, located across Arillas, and Ortholithi, a typical high cliff in the southern part of Ai Gordis beach.

  • Pontikonisi

    Pontikonisi is the most famous, small island of Corfu which is sung about and photographed by many, and it is worthwhile visiting!

  • Ortholithi

    Ortholithi is an impressive, vertical cliff which emerges from the sea in western Corfu, near Ai Gordis beach and Pentati.

  • Lazaretto

    Lazaretto was a quarantine station during the Venetian occupation. Today it is remembered as a place where, during the civil war communists were executed.

  • Lagoudia

    Lagoudia are two small islets across Issos beach in southwestern Corfu.

  • Kyra Dikia

    Kyra Dikia is an islet in the western shores of Corfu. At its top is located the monastery of Theotokos Dikaia in ruins today, celebrated on 29/6 και 8/9.

  • Diapolo

    Diapolo is an islet between Corfu and the Diapontia Islands, in the open sea of Arillas beach.

  • Gravia

    Gravia is an islet among Corfu and the Diapontia Islands which, has a beach of unique beauty.

  • Vido

    Vido is the beautiful island situated across the Old City of Corfu.

  • Varkoules

    Varkoules is one of the smallest islands of Corfu, situated in the open sea of Arillas beach.

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