Ai Gordis of the South

Ai Gordis of the South beach is located in the wider region of Lefkimmi  on the south-western part of the island and must not be confused with the most popular and most visited beach, Ai Gordis  which is situated in the center of the island. Ai Gordis of the South is basically a combination of two beaches, one next to the other, which are also very different. On the northern part of the beach there are small rocks, which rise above the water, ideal for exploration with a mask and flippers. The southern part of the beach is narrower and larger in length and it is covered with sand and smooth pebbles, in and out of the water.

Ai Gordis of the South is not a touristy destination and in the nearest village, Palaiochori  there, are no shops as it is totally a rural village. If you choose to enjoy a swim in this quiet and pure beach, you must obtain in advance what you may need (water, food, parasol, etc.).

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