Boschetto Garden

Boschetto Garden – in Italian means small grove – is a small, public garden between the northern moat of the Old Fortress  and the Kato (Down) square in Spianada. The Boschetto Garden is a beautiful place for strolling and offers a magnificent view of the moat of the Fortress. This garden in full bloom, filled with flowers and plants is of rectangular shape and is designed with symmetry referring to the Italian Renaissance garden.

The Boschetto Garden has two entrances, the main one, on Agoniston Polytechneiou Street, and smaller one on its left side, next to the church of Panagia Mandrakina. As you pass through the main entrance, just across you will see, the Statue of Guilford, the English philhellene who spent a great part of his life in Corfu. On both sides of the statue there are two, identical, semicircular stone benches, surrounded by a colonnade. In this area there are also other busts and statues of writers and philhellenes who lived on the island. A large fountain in the center and two smaller ones, placed symmetrically on both ends of the garden and a small playground for children, complete the image of the Boschetto Garden. If the site of this verdant area is not enough for you, right next to the Boschetto Garden, towards the side of the Palace of St. Michael and St. George, there is also another public, beautiful garden, the Garden of the People, offering a lovely view of the Old Fortress and the islet of Vido.

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