Dragotina is a small village in the south of Lefkimmi  built in a valley and surrounded by verdant hills. It borders with the villages Spartera, Palaiochori  and Neochori  while it is located close to the quiet, sandy beach of Kanoula .

Dragotina is an old village mentioned in written sources of 1507. Its primary position was near the church of Taxiarches towards the west but, in 1710 a pirate raid completely destroyed Dragotina and its remaining inhabitants moved to its current position.

Dragotina probably got its name from the world dragatis which means a guard of the vineyards because of the developed cultivation of grapes in the region.

In Dragotina and in the surrounding region, you will discover many small and old chapels, some in ruins while others well-maintained. The village has its own football team, as well as a very active cultural club which organizes various events and contributes to the embellishment and the preservation of the natural environment of the village.


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