Spartera is a small village built on the top of a hill close to the city of Lefkimmi. It is a village which was probably established during the last half of the 15th century. Spartera is nestled into an enchanting, natural environment, filled with trees overlooking the blue color of the sea. In Spartera you will see narrow lanes with yards in full blossom, houses made of stone with wooden windows, small squares and traditional coffee shops.

Spartera was named after the bush sparto (rush) which thrived in those places. This village suffered great destruction in 1537 by a raid of Hayreddin Barbarossa. It was then that the largest part of the inhabitants was captured or exterminated.

Spartera belongs to a group of six small villages which remain isolated and calm, away from the crowds of Lefkimmi. These are the villages of Kritika , Dragotina, Neochori , Bastatika  and Palaiochori.

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