A small labyrinth with old houses, cobble-paved roads and yards in full blossom, describe Neochoraki, a village with about 200 inhabitants next to Argyrades. The bell-tower of the church of Agios Nikolaos, the main church of the village, dominates higher than the rest of the edifices in Neochoraki.

Neochoraki was inhabited during the 19th century by Albanians, according to written sources of 1847 which mention it as Neocori Albanese. In Neochoraki the majority of the inhabitants are occupied with the cultivation of agricultural products.

Because of its position, Neochoraki has access to beaches, both towards the western and the eastern part of the island. In the west you can swim in the beach of Agios Georgios in Argyrades  and in Issos, while in the east you will find the beaches of Boukaris  and Petritis . Do not forget to visit Lake Korission  and the cedar forest of Issos, regions with incredible natural beauty and of great ecological importance for the whole island. Neochoraki is at a distance of 31 kilometers from the city of Corfu.

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