Sokraki is a semi-mountainous village between Ano Korakiana  and Zygos, built on the interior side of mount Korakio, the position from which it is said that it took its name (Esso Korakio = with alteration Sokraki). It is 23 kilometers away from the city of Corfu  which is also revealed by an old stone distance recorder in the center of the village.

Historically, Sokraki first appeared in 1343 by participating with other villages of the region, in the construction of the Monastery of Pantokratoras, at the top of the homonymous mountain. It has largely kept its traditional architectural character, with nice, cobbled alleyways, oil mills, two beautiful squares, traditional coffee shops and of course impressive churches dating back to the 16th century.

Sokraki has the advantage of offering a magnificent view towards the north and the Diapontia Islands but, also towards the south in the whole city of Corfu and in the islands Vido  and Lazaretto. In recent years the walking tourism has begun to grow dynamically in Sokraki, with trails among dense olive groves, holly, oak and cypress trees. A very beautiful and interesting path is the route from Ano Korakiana, towards Sokraki, 4 kilometers long, with many curves between elaborate stone walls made of carved stones (the locals call them kodeles)which were constructed during the 19th century. Another beautiful spot for hiking is the canyon in Melissoudia, a canyon with 50.000 olive trees!

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