Evros - Natural Attractions

  • Profitis Ilias

    Profitis Ilias is a big, very well organized recreational park with plane trees and running waters that is located near the village of Loutro.

  • Megali Vrysi

    Megali Vrysi in Feres of Evros has been formed into a recreation and relaxation area. The water that flows there has digestive properties.

  • Hill of Saint Constantine (Saint George)

    The Hill of Saint Constantine (Saint George) is located near Loutros and offers an amazing view from the Evros Delta to Samothrace and Alexandroupolis.

  • Lake of Tychero

    The lake of Tychero is an artificial lake of Evros and on its banks lies the Ecotourism Center that provides many activities relating to nature.

  • Information Center of Evros Delta

    The Information Center of Evros Delta is located in Traianoupolis and serves those that want to visit the Evros Delta starting from that point.

  • The Cyclops Cave

    In the Cyclops Cave in Makri, west of Alexandroupolis, have been found traces that testify the use of the cave since the Neolithic Period.

  • The Evros Delta

    The Evros Delta in the northeastern tip of the country is one of the most important wetlands in Europe.

  • Dadia Forest

    The Dadia Forest extends in the middle of the Evros Prefecture in 73,000 acres. The forest is of stunning beauty and it has been protected since 1980.

  • Petrified Forest of Fylachto

    In Fylachto of Evros is located one of the most well preserved petrified forests of Europe that is 25 million years old.

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