Kyraki is a village in the central part of Evros, between the villages Protokklisi and Mikro Dereio. It is located on the road that connects Soufli with the Pomak villages, on a route of great beauty that passes through dense trees. Kyriaki has 90 permanent residents according to the 2011 census and is the most populated settlement in the area.

On the road that crosses the village, there is the church of Saint Dimitrios, which dates from 1845. In Kyriaki is still preserved the old Catholic church of the village, which is in the process of reopening, as the restoration works have begun due to the initiative of the Metropolitan of Didymoteicho, Damascinos.

Already since the 14th century, during the Ottoman rule, there have been references for the village of Kyriaki, which was then known by the name Kayatzik. In 1912, in Kyriaki were living about 200 Bulgarian families, who left with the annexation of Western Thrace to Greece after the World War I.

Kyriaki is 88 km from Alexandroupolis, 33 km from Didymoteicho and 24 km from Soufli.

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