The settlement of Pefka of Evros is located in the northeastern part of the former municipality of Traianoupolis, in the center of a group of mountain villages, whose population originates mainly from Pontus. It is connected by road with paved roads to the villages of Nipsa northwest, Aetochori southwest, Loutros and Loutra of Traianoupolis southeast.

The residents of Pefka are Pontian refugees originating from Eptakomi Santa of Pontus, of the Trabzon province and specifically the area of Panagia Sumela. They settled in 1923 in the village that was then called Tsamere and was inhabited by Bulgarians.

In Pefka is located the church of Saint George, which was built in 1861 by the Bulgarians and in the interior of the church are still preserved the iconostasis and the icons from the time it was erected.

The first Pontian residents in Pefka have created an irrigation network consisted of about sixteen traditional carved fountains, five of which survive today. The village is surrounded by the black pine forest in which there are the beautiful paths where you can walk and enjoy the nature.

Most of Pefkiotes (residents of Pefka) have renovated their family houses in the traditional way using the characteristic stone. In recent years, many are those choosing to settle permanently in Pefka, since Alexandroupolis is just sixteen kilometers away.

In Pefka operates the cultural association “Rizes” (roots). Among their annual activities are two Pontic dance celebrations organized at the beginning of each year and on July, 7, on the feast of Saint Kyriaki.

At the square of Pefka there is a monument of Santaioi (residents of Santa) reminding visitors the holocaust of Santa (Dumanli in Turkish) in 1921 and the genocide of the Greeks of Pontus.

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