Kefalonia - Natural Attractions

  • Cave Aggalaki

    Belongs to the system of 17 caves have been identified in the region of Sami in Kefalonia, while in its depth is formed a small lake.

  • The Garden of Napier

    An overgrown garden in the city’s center of Argostoli, created by the British Commissioner Napier, in 1829.

  • Cave Drogaratis

    A large and of exceptional interest cave, where are even organized concerts inside it!

  • Katavothres

    One of the strange geological phenomena in Kefalonia, as the seawater flows into the ground, across the island and flows into its other side!

  • Cave of Melissani

    Natural attraction of unique beauty, as the opening of the roof allows light to pass and gives to the waters of Lake awesome colors!

  • Avithos

    The only lake of Kefalonia, which for years was considered bottomless!

  • Robola

    The famous white wine of Kefalonia is produced on the slopes of Mount Enos and you must certainly try it!

  • Lagoon Koutavos

    Located on the bay of Argostoli, is of extreme importance wetland and the visitors can enjoy a walk along its banks.

  • Enos

    The highest mountain of the Ionian Islands dominates in Kefalonia. It is covered by forests of fir from Kefalonia and home rare species of animals and plants.

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