Squares is the westernmost settlement of the former municipality Elios – Proni, covering the southeastern part of Kefalonia. It is built at the foot of Enos, the largest mountain not only of Kefalonia and the Ionian Islands. At a short distance from the village is  Koroni, one of the most spectacular beaches of Kefalonia.

Squares was formed a single community with the largest village Valerianos and the neighboring Atsoupades. By Valerianos, came from one of the seafaring explorers of the coast of North America, who was known by the name of Juan de Fuca, but the actual was Ioannis Fokas Vallerianos.

The village can hear it called “Platies”, abbreviated by locals. As one comes from Argostoli, immediately after Simotata of Livatho, meets on the street Squares. It is located approximately 22 kilometers from the port of Poros, the largest in the area and if you start from there, you will find the Squares immediately after the village Atsoupades.

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