Phocis - Museums

  • Folklore Museum of Amfissa

    In the Folklore Museum of Amfissa, the visitors can see objects and tools that have used by the residents of the city's recent history.

  • Folklore Museum of Kastriotissa

    The Folklore Museum in Kastriotissa of Oiti hosts more than 1,000 exhibits of the traditional life and the art of the region.

  • Folklore Museum of Eptalophos

    The Folklore Museum in the village Eptalophos of Phocis is one of the richest in the region, with a hall dedicated to traditional crafts.

  • Folklore Museum of Galaxidi

    The Folklore Museum of Galaxidi is hosted in a neoclassical mansion, the oldest of the maritime state of Phocis.

  • Maritime Museum of Galaxidi

    The Naval Museum in Galaxidi hosts exhibits that the modern history of the great maritime state of Phocis.

  • Battle’s Museum in Hani of Gravia

    The Museum of the Battle in Hani of Gravia is a faithful representation of Chania, where in 1821; Odysseus Androutsos repelled the attack of the Turkish army.

  • Museum of Delphic Festivals

    The museum of the Delphic Festivals houses the effort of Angelos Sikelianos and his wife for the organization of worldwide art festivals in Delphi.

  • Archaeological Museum of Delphi

    The Archaeological Museum of Delphi is one of the most important museums not only of Greece, but also of the entire modern world.

  • Archaeological Museum of Amfissa

    In the Archaeological Museum of Amfissa are exposed archaeological findings from all over Phocis, while stands up its monetary collection.

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