Evros - Access

  • Alexandroupolis airport

    The Alexandroupolis International Airport “Democritus” is about 6 km away from the city center and is connected to Athens three times a day.

  • Pythio Border Station

    The Pyhtio Border Station is the only railway border station between Greece and Turkey.

  • Kipoi Border Station

    The Kipoi Border Station of Evros is the most popular road connection between Greece and Turkey. .

  • Border Station Kastanies

    The Border Station Kastanies oin Evros is the only land border between Greece with Turkey and is 10 km away from Adrianoupolis.

  • Port of Makri

    The port of Makri is the only purely fishing shelter of Evros and is about 12 km from Alexandroupolis.

  • Port of Alexandroupolis

    The port of Alexandroupolis is one of the most important commercial hubs of the country, having as trademark the city’s Lighthouse.

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