Playa is a village in northwestern Kefalonia, which belongs to the former municipality of Erissos, as it is existed until 2010. It has about 70 permanent residents and is situated at an altitude of 345 meters above sea level. Playa belongs to Panochoria of Erissos, the most mountainous of about 30 villages of the former municipality. The remaining Panochori is adjacent to Plagia, Vari, Neochori, Komitata, Patrikata and others.

The houses in Playa are built in amphitheater around vineyards, olive trees and other crops of the inhabitants, mainly dealing with the cultivation of the land. As Playa reaches one of the provincial roads of Erissos, previously meets the village Mesovounia, as we come from Argostoli to Fiskardo.

From Playa come from two national benefactors of Greece, Panagis and Spyridon Harokopos. One of the pre-earthquake buildings of the village is estimated to be the ancestral home of the great family. In fact, in the Cemetery of Playa is buried Spyridon Charokopoa, with a special tomb – bust adorns him.

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