Mesovounia is one of the villages of Erissos, in the northwestern part of Kefalonia. It is spread out on the slopes of the area between the coast and the mountainous Panochoria of Erissos (Plagia, Vari, Patrikata, Komitata, Neochori), just is mentioned by their name: Mesovounia = in the middle of the mountain.

In Mesovounia works also the school of the area, elementary, secondary school and high school, for the children from the whole Erissos. This is an impressive, large building that marks the village. Here, you will also find grocery store, cafe and other shops that will serve your needs.

From Mesovounia, you will cross to head to the northwestern edge of Kefalonia, where is Fiskardo, the cosmopolitan picturesque harbor and some of the most beautiful beaches of Kefalonia: Foki, Dafnoudi, Emplisi, Chorgota, Holy Jerusalem, etc.

And if you happen to find yourself in Mesovounia, in the end of July, the day of Agia Paraskevi on 26th of July, takes place a big festival in the village’s square.

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