Phocis - Natural Attractions

  • Kefalovruso

    Kefalovruso is one of the largest sources in Gkiona and it is between Oinochori and Kaloskopi.

  • Forest village Kapsitsas

    The Forest Village Kapsitsa consists of twenty houses situated at an altitude of 1150 meters outside Prosilio Phocis.

  • Olive grove of Amfissa

    The Olive Grove of Amfissa is the largest continuous grove in Greece with trees that age lost in the lapse of centuries.

  • The Gorge of Rekkas

    The Gorge of Rekkas is in Gkiona and it is the most impressive of Greece. Its length is 13 km, which can be crossed on foot.

  • Pine forest

    The pine forest Vardoussia is easily visited as it is located near the villages Mousounitsa and Athanasios Diakos.

  • Waterfalls of Stromi

    The Waterfall of Stromi is located in Gkiona , just outside the village , on the provincial road . It is small but brash, in stunning landscape.

  • Islets of Itea

    Seven are in total the islets in Itea Krissaios Bay in front of the beach of the town.

  • Korukeion Antron

    Korukeion Antron is among the most important caves of Greece and it is located in Parnassus. In antiquity there was here sanctuary and oracle.

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