Evros – Archaeological Sites

The ancient Homeric land of Cicones, that is Evros, has to show numerous great archaeological sites that attest its long history. The archeological sites in Evros are mostly located on the coastline of the county and they are related to the periods of prehistory, ancient Greek antiquity and Roman rule, at the end of antiquity.

The archaeological site of Makri, next to Alexandroupolis hosts a settlement dating from the Neolithic period, around 4000 years BC.

The Megalithic Tomb in Roussa is located in the north of Evros and dates back to the early Iron Age, around the 9th century BC.

The ancient town Zoni, ruins of which visitors can see at the archaeological site of Zoni-Mesimvria, was the ancient city-state that was paying the biggest tax to the Athenian Alliance.

The archaeological site of the Ancient Doriskos is identified with the hill where Xerxes was counting his army during the Persian Wars, in 480 BC.

Finally, during the Roman years, they were founded in Evros and are still being visited today the archaeological sites of Traianoupolis, next to the hot springs, and Plotinopolis, further north.

  • Αrchaeological site of Makri

  • Tomb of Elaphochori

    The underground built Tomb of Elaphochori, outside Evros, is built with stones from Metaxades quarry. It is considered to be the oldest underground Thracian tomb.

  • Traianoupolis

    The ruins of Traianoupolis, 14 km. east of Alexandroupolis, attest the importance of the Roman city that was an important center for many centuries.

  • Burial Tumulus of Doxipara

    The Burial Tumulus of Doxipara is the only burial spot in Greece with buried carriages and horses with which the dead were transported to the tumulus.

  • Plotinopolis

    The ancient Plotinopolis southeast of Didymoteicho was founded by the Emperor Trajan in honor of his wife, Plotina.

  • Megalithic Tomb in Roussa

    Impressive as to its size, the megalithic Tomb in Roussa of the 9th century consists of 5 huge slabs that form a “box”.

  • Αrchaeological site of Makri

  • Ζώνη – Μεσημβρία

  • Zoni – Mesimvria

    The archaeological site of Zoni-Mesimvria is one of the important in the region It is located in the coastal region between Maronia and Alexandroupoli.

  • Ancient Doriskos

    The Ancient Dariskos was famous for its strong fortress. This is the hill from which Xerxes was counting his army during the Persian Wars.

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