Ithaca - Churches

  • Dormition of Virgin Mary at Perachori

    The church of the Dormition of Virgin Mary at Perachori is located at the highest point of the village, and it ends where the forest begins.

  • Agios Nikolas (Vathi)

    The church of Agios Nikolas (Saint Nicolas) at Vathi, Ithaca.

  • Virgin Mary of Lefki

    Virgin Mary of Lefki, situated at the beautiful village of Lefki, famous for the marvelous wood-carved iconostasis, donation from the immigrants of Odessa.

  • Temple of John the Baptist

    Temple of John the Baptist, located at the port of Kioni, Ithaca and famous for the beautiful icon of Presentation of Jesus at the Temple.

  • Panagia at Pernarakia

    The monastery of Panagia at Pernarakia is located approximately 2 km outside the village of Exogi at the top of the mountain called "Pernarakia".

  • Panagia Spileotissa

    The chapel of Panagia Spileotissa is in southern Ithaca, built in a cave on the mountainside above Antri, the southernmost bay of Ithaca.

  • Moni Taxiarchon

    Moni Taxiarchon dates back to 1613 and it is located three kilometers outside of Perachori, in Ithaca.

  • Metropolitan Cathedral

    The Metropolitan Cathedral of Ithaca is located at Vathi and it is the central church of Ithaca.

  • Iera Moni Katharon

    Iera Moni Katharon is the most important monastery of Ithaca and the bell tower of the monastery offers an excellent view of the harbor at Vathi.

  • The Church of Anogi

    The church of Anogi in Ithaca is one of the most important Byzantine monuments in the Balkans, as it dates from the 12th century and hosts great icons.

  • Agios Fanouris

    The chapel of Agios Fanouris is located in Kavos, the western district of the city of Ithaca.

  • Agia Sofia

    The church of Agia Sofia is located in a beautiful location that combines both the mountain and the sea, just 3 km away from Vathi.

  • Agios Raphael

    The Church of Agios Raphael is located at Perachori, Ithaca, in honor of Agios Raphael, who was tortured by the Turks and died as a martyr, on 9 April 1463.

  • Agios Nicholaos of Xenon (of the Foreigners)

    The church of Agios Nicholaos of Xenon, where there is an icon with the hagiography of "Jesus Elkomenos", which is attributed by many to El Greco.

  • Agios Nicholaos at Mavronas

    Agios Nicholaos at Mavronas is an old monastery that is located in the beautiful homonymous bay, at Kioni of northern Ithaca.

  • Saint John the Theologian

    The church of Saint John the Theologian is located in the courtyard of Agios Raphael at Perachori, in Ithaca.

  • Saint Andrews

    The picturesque chapel that welcomes the visitors at the entrance of the harbor of Ithaca, is dedicated to Saint Andrews and stands right next to the sea.

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