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Made of stone, the tall, narrow and majestic towers of Mani inspire awe in the spectator, even when seen from afar. Every tower has its own story, inextricably linked to the ancient family of West Mani, which name it bears. The Kapitsinou Tower is one of the impressive towers of Mani: located in the traditional village Lagada, it has 5 floors and very simple architecture, while its walls are full with balistaria. In Mantineia, West Mani, the Kapetanakides Tower, the Derezea Tower in Thalames, the Ketseas Tower in Kato Dolous, are only some of the towers you should not miss visiting. In the Dourakis Tower, in Kastania, Theodoros Kolokotronis found refuge during the great persecution of the revolutionaries. One of the most important towers of Mani is the Tower of Patriarcheas in Prosilio. The Tower of Mourtzinos in Old Kardamili, dating from the 17th century, and now housing the Museum of Mourtzinos, is a typical fortified house of a captain of Exo Mani, as the lords of the towers of Mani are called.
  • Tower of Patriarcheas

    The Tower of Patriarcheas is located in the village Prosilio, in West Mani, and it belongs to the widely known traditional architecture of Towers in Mani that used to prevail in the 19th century.

  • Tower of Mourtzinos

    The Tower of Mourtzinos in Old Kardamyli dates from the 17th century

  • Tower of Mavrikos

    The Tower of Mavrikos was built in 1814 in the village of Malta, West Mani, by the primate of the village, Mavrikos.

  • Tower of Koumoundouros

    The Tower of Koumoundouros, in which Alexander Koumoundouros was born, is located at the village Kampos, West Mani.

  • Tower of Kapetanakides

    The Tower of Kapetanakides is at the village of Sotirianika, in West Mani, and it was built in the late 18th century.

  • Tower of Houseas

    The Tower of Houseas is located at Proastio, a village of West Mani, and it is estimated to have been built in the early 19th century.

  • Tower Goudeli

    Goudelis Tower is located at the village Kariovouni in western Mani and it has been classified as a historic monument.

  • The Tower of Kitriniaris

    The Tower of Kitriniaris is located between the villages of Eksochori and Saidona, in West Mani.

  • The Tower of Kapetanakides at Mills

    At Mantinea, in West Mani, the Tower of Kapetanakides is still preserved at the location of the Mills that could turn by the water.

  • Ketseas Tower

    Ketseas Tower is located at Kato Doloi in western Mani.

  • Kapitsinou Tower

    Kapitsinou Tower is located in Mani, at the village Dell. It has 5 floors and very simple architecture. Special positions for rifles are its main characteristique.

  • Derezea Tower

    Derezea Tower is located in the village Thalames on the road from Kardamyli to Itilo.

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