Messinia - Museums

  • The Museum of Mourtzinos

    The Museum of Mourtzinos is housed in a residence of three floors, in the Tower of Mourtzinos in the old Kardamyli.

  • The Historical – Folklore Museum “Androuvista”

    The Historical - Folklore Museum "Androuvista” of Eksochori is located in West Mani and includes a rich collection of objects from the area .

  • Military Museum of Kalamata

    The Military Museum of Kalamata shows through uniforms, war and photographic material, the military history since 1821 to the present day.

  • Historical and Folklore Museum of Thalames

    The Private Historical and Folklore Museum of Thalames, is hosted in a tower house and incudes exhibitions of important documents of the social and rural life in the area.

  • Folklore Museum of Voufrada

    The Folklore Museum of Voufrada is housed in the old building of elementary school in the village Milioti. It includes items from the daily life of modern times.

  • Folklore museum of Kalamata – Mansion Kyriakou

    The Folklore Museum of Kalamata is housed in the Mansion Kyriakou in Kalamata, a two-storey building of the 19th century. It was founded by local “Society for the Dissemination of Letters,” the purpose of collecting archival material and objects of the Revolution of 1821, and the preservation and promotion of objects of modern culture in the region.

  • Folklore Collection of Mani

    The Folklore Collection of Mani is located in the village Platsa of western Mani. It includes more than 700 objects of the popular culture of the region.

  • Central Public Library of Kalamata

    The Central Public Library of Kalamata was founded in 2004 and contains approximately 11,700 titles of educational, cultural and informational content.

  • Benakio Archaeological Museum of Kalamata

    The Benakio Archaeological Museum was closed in 2008 and the building now houses the archaeological museum services of Messinia and the exhibits were transferred.

  • Archaeological Museum of Pylos

    The Archaeological Museum of Pylos, known also as Antonoupouleio by its donor, hosts exhibits of the region from the Middle Helladic to the Roman times.

  • Archaeological Museum of Messinia

    The Archaeological Museum of Messenia is housed in the old market in the center of Kalamata. It includes exhibits from prehistoric to Byzantine times.

  • Archaeological Museum of Chora

    The Archaeological Museum of Chora is one of the best museums in relation to the Mycenaean findings. The number of gold objects available is very impressive.

  • Popular Library of Kalamata

    The Popular Library of Kalamata is the largest and most important of the Greek region. It is on the 5th floor of the Cultural Center of the city.

  • Museum of Ancient Messini

    The Museum of Ancient Messini in Mavrommati is located in the village near the archaeological site and houses significant findings from excavations in the area.

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