Poimeniko is a village in the center of the northeastern part of Evros, built among farmlands in an area with low hills. The 2011 census numbered 343 residents, who are mainly engaged in agriculture and animal husbandry. During the Ottoman occupation Poimeniko was called Tsokanli.

Poimeniko is one of the villages of Marides, the 13 villages in total of the wider region with the special culture and characteristics that have been preserved almost in isolation until the mid 20th century.

Near Poimeniko to the southeast is still located a village of Marides, Mani, which has created a big Marides folklore museum where you can admire traditional objects, tools, utensils, means of transport and dazzling traditional costumes of the tribe of Marides.

The remaining villages of Marides, except for Poimeniko and Mani, which are located on both sides of Erythropotamos River are: Asvestades, Karoti, Koufovouno, Kyani, Sitochori, Asproneri, Vrysika, Abelakia, Patagi, Neochori and Sterna.

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