Ithaca – Cultural Attractions

  • Bust of Odysseus

    The bust of Odysseus stands in the park of the central square of Stavros, in northern Ithaca.

  • Representation of the Odyssean Palace

    The architectural Representation of the Odyssean Palace, located in the park of Stavros, in northern Ithaca.

  • Bust of Homer

    The bust of Homer is located in the center of the square of Ithaca, in Vathi and the unveiling took place in 2011.

  • Statue of Odysseus

    The statue of Odysseus in the port of Ithaca, standing very close to the central square.

  • Palea Panagia

    Palea Panagia is located at Perachori of Ithaca and it was the cathedral of the medieval village of Paleochora.

  • The house of Karaiskakis

    At Kioni, at the end of the beach, there is an old stone house, that according to the tradition, used to be the house of Karaiskakis.

  • Pyramids

    The Pyramids of Exogi are a funerary monument, located at the end of a small village, in the north of Ithaca.

  • Paleochora

    Paleochora is the medieval village of Ithaca, situated on the slope opposite Perachori, and can be reached by following a short path.

  • Mills of Kioni

    Mills of Kioni is one of the most characteristic images of Kioni, as they complete the landscape when the visitor faces the picturesque harbor.

  • Menir

    The menirs at Anogi of Ithaca are huge stones, similar to those of Obelix, from the comic book Astérix!

  • Μέγαρο Δρακούλη

  • Megaro Drakouli

    Megaro Drakouli is a neoclassical building on the beach of Ithaca. It belongs to one of the oldest families of Ithaca.

  • Venetian Cannons

    The Venetian Cannons in Ithaca are located at the entrance of the harbor, on a hill above the beach Loutsas.

  • Angira (Anchor)

    Angira (Anchor) is a monument dedicated to the sailors of Ithaca who were lost at sea.

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