Ithaca - Cultural Attractions

  • Bust of Odysseus

    The bust of Odysseus stands in the park of the central square of Stavros, in northern Ithaca.

  • Representation of the Odyssean Palace

    The architectural Representation of the Odyssean Palace, located in the park of Stavros, in northern Ithaca.

  • Bust of Homer

    The bust of Homer is located in the center of the square of Ithaca, in Vathi and the unveiling took place in 2011.

  • Statue of Odysseus

    The statue of Odysseus in the port of Ithaca, standing very close to the central square.

  • The house of Karaiskakis

    At Kioni, at the end of the beach, there is an old stone house, that according to the tradition, used to be the house of Karaiskakis.

  • Pyramids

    The Pyramids of Exogi are a funerary monument, located at the end of a small village, in the north of Ithaca.

  • Paleochora

    Paleochora is the medieval village of Ithaca, situated on the slope opposite Perachori, and can be reached by following a short path.

  • Mills of Kioni

    Mills of Kioni is one of the most characteristic images of Kioni, as they complete the landscape when the visitor faces the picturesque harbor.

  • Menir

    The menirs at Anogi of Ithaca are huge stones, similar to those of Obelix, from the comic book Astérix!

  • Μέγαρο Δρακούλη

    Το Μέγαρο Δρακούλη, βρίσκεται στο Βαθύ, την πρωτεύουσα του νησιού. Πρόκειται για το μεγάλο, εντυπωσιακό νεοκλασσικό με τους κίονες και τα εντυπωσιακά μοτίβα στην παραλία της Ιθάκης, στο κέντρο του λιμανιού.

  • Megaro Drakouli

    Megaro Drakouli is a neoclassical building on the beach of Ithaca. It belongs to one of the oldest families of Ithaca.

  • Venetian Cannons

    The Venetian Cannons in Ithaca are located at the entrance of the harbor, on a hill above the beach Loutsas.

  • Angira (Anchor)

    Angira (Anchor) is a monument dedicated to the sailors of Ithaca who were lost at sea.

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