Syros - Cultural Attractions

  • City Hall

    The City Hall of Syros, Chiller’s creation, is the most majestic building on the island and is one of the biggest city halls in Greece.

  • Cyclades Art gallery

    The Cyclades Art gallery since 1994 is accommodated in the Warehouses, on the port’s pier in Hermoupolis. A vast number of exhibitions is accommodated there

  • Casino

    Syros Casino is accommodated in two neoclassical buildings, built in 1830 and connected to each other with an underground gallery.

  • Vaporia

    The district Vaporia is considered as the most beautiful of Syros. It was the aristocratic quarter of the 19th century with imposing, luxury captain houses.

  • Port

    When entering the Port of Syros, in Hermoupolis, the visitor is charmed by its breathtaking architecture, a strong hint of the island’s history.

  • Mental Center

    The Mental Centre of the Municipality is housed in the Club "Hellas" at Miaoulis Square. It organizes a number of events and conferences.

  • Miaoulis Square

    Miaoulis Square is located next to the port, being the most central area of the island. A majestic Megaron, used as City Hall, decorates the square.

  • Neorio

    Neorio is one of the oldest machine shops in Greece and the largest industrial facility on the island. It has experienced a period of glory and decadence.

  • Quarantine House

    The Quarantine House of Syros is located in the port of Hermoupolis and was used quarantine house for travelers, before entering the main island.

  • Municipal Library

    The Municipal Library of Syros is located in the Culture Center, in Miaoulis Square, and possesses more or less 45,000 books.

  • Warehouses

    The Warehouses is the stone oblong venue on the pier of Syros’s port.

  • Municipal Theater “Apollon”

    The Municipal Theater "Apollon " was built in 1862-1864 and is currently one of the attractions of Ermoupoli in Syros.

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