Corfu - Cultural Attractions

The Cultural Attractions you can find on Corfu are countless, spread from one end of the whole island to the other. The Old City is like a museum and has been declared as a World Heritage by UNESCO, because of the significance of its architecture.  Inside the old city, coexist harmoniously monuments of all the conquerors that passed through the island throughout the centuries. The Old  and New Fortress, the tall buildings, the alleyways, the small nestled squares and the imposing Town Hall[Θ4] , are creations of the Venetians who dominated the island for 5 centuries.

The English who occupied the island for 50 years (1814-1864) are responsible for the current image of Spianada, the biggest square of the Balkans, and almost for all the monuments that adorn it: the Palace of St. Michael and St. George  and the Statue of Adams, the Maitland Rotunda, in the southern part of the square, the Mon Repos[Θ9]  villa, the Dougla’s Column[Θ10]  on the seaside road and the very valued British Cemetery  which is located in the modern town.

The famous Liston  is a work of the French conquerors who also gave the name to Kanoni, the popular suburb, from the canons and battery placed there.

The main attractions of the island, of course, include Achillion, the palace of the Empress of Austria Sissy which is located in the village Gastouri. Near Palaiokastritsa, Aggelokastro, a Byzantine fortress of the 13th century, which is worth visiting and is built above the sea, on steep cliffs.

Finally, there is also a magnificent medieval village, on the mountain Pantokratoras, Old Perithia which after a few decades of abandonment is now restored and is an architectural gem of the island.

  • Temple of Artemis Gorgon

    The pediment of gigantic proportions stands out in the Temple of Artemis Gorgon which, is saved and adorned with embossed representations.

  • Tomb of Ioannis Kapodistrias

    The Tomb of Ioannis Kapodistrias, the first governor of Greece, is located in the Monastery of Plarytera, in the city of Corfu.

  • Spianada

    Spianada is the main square of Corfu, one of the largest in the Balkans and one of the most beautiful because the sights surrounding it are magnificent!

  • Maitland Rotunda

    The Maitland Rotunda is a circular edifice which is surrounded by twenty Ionic columns and is located in the southern end of Spianada in Corfu.

  • Old Fortress

    The Old Fortress of Corfu is situated on a peninsula at the end of Spianada and the well maintained infrastructures in its interior will surprise you.

  • Palies Sinies

    Palies Sinies is one of the villages in ruins of northern Corfu and one of the most impressive destinations for hiking in the island.

  • Old City

    The Old City of Corfu is one of the greatest sights of the island, with narrow alleys, tall buildings, old churches and priceless, architectural monuments.

  • Palia Peritheia

    Palia Peritheia is a ruined, Venetian, stone-village in northern Corfu and its 130 houses are architectural masterpieces which attract many visitors.

  • New Fortress

    The New Fortress of Corfu, with underground galleries, vaulted passageways, emplacements and imposing bastions, offers the best view of the Old City.

  • Mon Repos

    Mon Repos is a verdant estate, outside Corfu, with a palace from the English occupation which, became a place of leisure for royalty throughout centuries.

  • Liston

    Liston was built during the 19th century and is the most famous promenade of Corfu, the meeting point of locals and visitors.

  • Dougla’s Column

    Dougla’s Column, the obelisk in Garitsa bay, is dedicated to the English commissioner Sir Howard Douglas who offered great work to the island.

  • Kassiopi Castle

    Kassiopi Castle is the oldest castle in the island and its walls dominate above the resort of Kassiopi.

  • Gardiki Castle

    Gardiki Castle is a Byzantine castle which protected the southern part of the island from pirates and conquerors raids.

  • Kanoni

    Kanoni in Corfu is where you will enjoy, not only the old cannon of the French artillery but, also Pontikonisi and planes that land in the airport!

  • Town Hall of Corfu

    The Town Hall of Corfu is an imposing, made of stone, Renaissance style building located in the alleyways of the old city.

  • Kaiser’s Bridge

    Kaiser’s Bridge is located in the area of Achillion and was built by the German emperor Wilhelm II in order to access the sea easier from his palace.

  • British Cemetery

    In the British Cemetery, apart from the burial monuments you can see, you can admire the verdant gardens with countless plants and 30 species of orchids!

  • Achillion

    Achillion, a palace, built in Corfu by the Empress of Austria Elizabeth to honor the Homeric hero, is one of the most significant sights of the island.

  • Statue of Guilford

    The statue of Guilford is dedicated to the philhellene Lord of Guilford, Frederic North and is located in Spianada.

  • Statue of Adam

    The statue of Adam is located in front of the Palace of St. Michael and St. George in Corfu and is dedicated to the homonymous English Commissioner.

  • Palace of St. Michael and St. George

    The Palace of St. Michael and St. George is located in Spianada and it is an impressive edifice, built during the English occupation.

  • Aggelokastro

    Aggelokastro in Corfu is a Byzantine fortress, perched on a hilltop, from where the view towards all the island is enchanting!

  • The statue of Schulenburg

    The statue of Schulenburg is the statue of a German commander who saved Corfu from the Turkish siege. It is made of white marble in rococo style.

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