Phocis – Villages

  • Eptalophos

    Eptalophos is located 25 km from Arachova and 18 km of the ski resorts of Parnassus.

  • Lilaia

    Built on the site of ancient Lilaia, the distressing village Lilaia village is situated in the basin of Boeoticos Kifissos .

  • Polydrosos

    The village of Parnassus has an excellent tourist infrastructure.

  • Kastriotissa

    It is one of the mountainous villages of Phocis at an altitude of 1160 meters, with view to Gkiona and Vardousia.

  • Αθανάσιος Διάκος

  • Athanasios Diakos

    Homeland of the homonymous hero of the revolution of 1821, Athanasios Diakos is at the foot of Vardousia, at an altitude of 1,100 meters.

  • Mavrolithari

    Among Gkiona and Vardousia, the village Mavrolithari is at a distance of 56km in northwest of Amfissa.

  • Panourgias

    The village Panourgias of Gkiona, the homeland of the famous hero of 1821, is built in nature, with many streams and springs.

  • Mousounitsa

    In the eastern slope of Vardousia, in a valley formed by a tributary of Mornos is situated Mousounitsa.

  • Pira

    Located 3 km from the village Pira, Oiti is the place where, according to the mythology, Hercules died.

  • Stromi

    Stromi is the village of Gkiona, where is situated the Cave of the Resistance and the Waterfall of Kremasis.

  • Itea

    Itea is a coastal town of Phocis, very close to Delphi and Galaxidi.

  • Kirra

    Kirra is a coastal town of Phocis, very close to Itea. During the antiquity, it was the seaport of Delphi.

  • Tritaia

    Known as Kolopetinitsa, Tritaia is located at the halfway between Itea and Galaxidi.

  • Δεσφίνα

  • Desfina

    The town of Desfina is 15km away from the coastal villages of Phocis and 30km from the ski resort of Parnassus.

  • Delphi

    The village of Delphi is located 2.5 km from Amfissa and very close to the archaeological site.

  • Chrisso

    The village Chrisso built over the olive grove of Amfissa offers a unique view to Itea and Galaxidi.

  • Mariolata

    Mariolata is a village in Parnassus, built in the green, close to many attractions of Phocis, such as the Oracle of Delphi and the ski resort.

  • Καστέλλια

  • Kastellia

    Kastellia is a village of Gravia and took its name from the castle built there during Frank’s occupation.

  • Καλοσκοπή

  • Kaloskopi

    The view from 1050 meters altitude on the slopes of Gkiona justifies the name Kaloskopi for the village of Gravia.

  • Γραβιά

  • Gravia

    Gravia ist eine historische Kleistadt in Fokida und die berühmte Schlacht von Gravia Inn ist eine der wichtigsten Schlachten der Revolution.

  • Βάργιανη

  • Vargiani

    On the slopes of Parnassus, the famous battle for its victorious battle pops out, in 1824, in the village of Vargiani.

  • Apostolias

    Apostolias is a village of Oiti and got its name from the church of the Agiwn Apostolwn in the square of the village, which is celebrated on 30 June.

  • Σκλήθρο

  • Sklithro

    On the wooded of oak hillsides of Oiti and at an altitude of 850 meters is situates the village Sklithro.

  • Οινοχώρι

  • Oinochori

    Oinochori is a village in Oiti, which is built into the fir trees and the running waters.

  • Galaxidi

    Galaxidi is the picturesque, maritime city of Greece, which others call the mainland island because of its naval physiognomy.

  • Vounichora

    The village Vounichora is recognized as agonizing village on 10 April '43 Germans and Italians burnt it at all.

  • Άγιοι Πάντες

  • Agioi Pantes

    The village of Agioi Pantes is the main seaside resort of Phocis.

  • Penteoria

    The village Penteoria built in Gkiona, got its name from the five communities with which bordered.

  • Amfissa

    The history of Amfissa starts from the antiquity but the most glorious days of the period have been written during the revolution of 1821.

  • Prosilio

    The village Prosilio, which is consisted by three settlements, is the first agonizing village of Roumeli during the Occupation.

  • Elaionas

    The village Elaionas at the foot of Parnassus is known by the name Topolia.

  • Drosochori

    The village Drosochori (Kalovata) owes its name to the cool climate as it is situated at an altitude of 906 meters on the slopes of Parnassus

  • Agios Konstantinos

    Agios Konstantinos, the second village after Amfissa to the road to Itea, is built at an altitude of 158 meters.

  • Αγία Ευθυμία

  • Agia Euthumia

    Agia Euthumia, a village in Amfissa and the homeland of writer John Skarimbas, the parent of which serves as a museum.

  • Σερνικάκι

  • Sernikaki

    The Sernikaki is situated within the famous Elaiwnas of Amfissa.

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